masterkeysheriw – week one

THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY ♡♪♬★♡ …. #PeaceBeTheJourney #Mahalo!


Procrastination was my life for so many years, not sure how I was surviving, but found there were more days when I did not do anything, then other days I was playing catch up.  My dear friend and mentor Lori Enrico invited me to apply for the MKMMA scholarship. She told me it helped her with her life and she thought of me while she was taking the class and felt it would also help me with my life.  When I was doing the steps I needed to do to apply for this scholarship, my stomach was in a total knot.  Was not sure it I was doing the right thing as I have so much personal things going on in my life, that takes so much of my time.  But I listened to Lori and my heart and continue moving forward with the process.

My life took a change…

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