Week # 2 – Making a Change

Energy Follows Intention ♪♬★♡


This week has been about making a change in how I think, a paradigm shift for me. The blue boxes from week 1 are back and more is revealed, metaphors and pictures, what is that ??? Thoughts and results, change my thoughts, change the results. Looking at things in a different light. This is very powerful, it has also been difficult for me, my subby is resisting, but I am changing my blueprint..

Learned a new word this week ‘idealization’ . step 1, now to put it in practice.

Then the ‘Blue’ box, looking for Blue boxes everywhere, the color the shape, on my way to work, at the office, at the store, all week, linking them to my PPN’s, oh, did I say PPN ?? That’s new this week also, so now I’m becoming an observer, hmmm, making more changes, so now I’ve got the chore cards, linking colors and…

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