Week 2 MMKA “We Either “Let Go” or “Let In”.

Forgive, Forget, and Forge on…#DoItNow

Master Key Scott Mizenko

I have a very predictable experience with a good friend this week. There is an old saying that goes, “Some people would rather be RIGHT then be RICH.”
Have you ever encountered a person of this nature in your experience?
Unfortunately, Most people identify with struggle as if it were an old and trusted friend.
They cling to a sense of lack, as if in order for them to succeed someone else must fail. In essence most people treat life as a zero sum game.
As my second week of the MMKA comes to an end, I am enlightened with a greater sense of responsibility and accountability. I have realized that my subconscious cannot take a joke.
Words can heal or words can harm. We alone control the outcome…
We alone set the sail regardless of which way the wind blows….
We can prepare for the storms that will inevitably…

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