Week 2 – The two C’s

Things can change very quickly…


CONFUSION and CLARITY.  Well that’s what I’m hoping for.  At the moment I”m still in a lot of CONFUSION.  Is the dream I thought I wanted what I wanted?  It’s feeling very hard to get some CLARITY whilst I sit in CONFUSION.  I think my brain is trying to work it all out.  The PPN’s along with getting my DMP back from my guide has definitely created CONFUSION.  At the end of the day… I really don’t know where in the world I want to live, what I want to do.  I DO know how I want to FEEL.  That I am clear about.  I WANT TO FEEL FREE.  So now do I change my DMP?  Which I thought was pretty cool… But not specific enough.  Am I afraid to get specific.  I sit in total CONFUSION and stand still.  Specifics elude me.  Feelings of how I want to FEEL fill…

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