Week 4 – A Way Out of the Rabbit’s Hole (Hero’s Journey)

Growth, Inspiration, Master Key Experience, MKMMA, Personal Development…You’ve always had the Power my Dear, you just had to Learn it Yourself…


Changing my Hippocampus

This week feels more like falling down Alice’s Rabbit Hole than any other week.  This week – week 4 – is about committing or quitting. This week I rewrote my PPN’s and DMP and there was still this overwhelming FEAR that was gripping me in the pit of my stomach. You know the kind when you think you just stepped on a poisonous snake that live or die kind.  Well obviously mine was not actually a live or die but I might as well have stepped on a garden hose because it felt real.

I was checking out this Go90Grow.com and listening to the videos and it talks about the Hero’s Journey. Many, probably all of you know Star Wars; well George Lucas states that the story was shaped in part by Joseph Campbell, and its Luke’s Hero’s Journey (Campbell’s influence) what makes this movie an Epic. If you are…

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