Week # 5 Just the Facts

…To gain this estate, three processes are necessary: You must earnestly desire it. You must assert your claim. You must take possession….All possession is the result of the accumulative attitude of mind, or the money consciousness….* ˚ ♪♪ 。ღ


So this week had some interesting exercises, the most difficult was not to state any opinions and to mentally check ourselves if we were even thinking an opinion, really how hard could this be?? After all what is an opinion, well here’s a


sentence starters

So, retraining the mind, replacing a bad habit with a good habit, after a whole month with scroll 1 a new habit is being formed, but there is still resistance, will this be overcome?

5-4. The mind, which pervades the body , is the largely the result of heredity, which, in turn, is simply the result of all the environments of all past generations on the responsive and ever-moving life forces. An understanding of this fact will enable us to  use our authority when we find some undesirable trait of character manifesting.

5-5. We can consciously use all the desirable characteristics with which we have been…

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