It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. There are those who give little of the much which they have; and they give it for recognition and their hidden desire makes their gifts unwholesome. And there are those who have little and give it all. These are the believers in life and the bounty of life, and their coffer is never empty. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe you’ll resonate to some of what I write; maybe you find it applies to your own life. We’re all on our own Hero’s Journey. The person who understands that there is no effect without an adequate cause thinks impersonally. They get down to bedrock facts regardless of consequences; free to follow the trail of truth wherever it may lead. If I see an issue clear to the end, and meet the requirements fully and fairly, the result is that the world will give all that it has to give, in friendship, honor, love and approval.

We all have to find our own answers, because someone else’s answer for creating wellness may not always work for you. May we all have a seeking spirit, searching inward to nurture and grow. So forge ahead.  Explore.  Read and comment, please.  Accept whatever truths you will, whatever wisdom you desire, that you find within these pages.

When any object or purpose is clearly held in thought, its precipitation, in tangible and visible form, is merely a question of time. The vision always precedes and itself determines the realization. ~ Lillian Whiting