Light Of Peace With Joy Of Love Week 13

Let‘s Shine☀️Comrades☀️Master Key Mastermind Alliance☀️


Greetings Of Love and Light…Merry Christ Mass…

Today we celebrate and enjoin in the Light Of the Divine Within… The time of giving and receiving, creates such a beautiful energy for any and all who enjoin in the day of the Christ’s Birth…

This is a day of gathering together for appreciation of each other. It has always been a day of celebration of light, life and harmony, even in the Ancient times, this time of the year is considered the time when all the Great Masters, Avatars and Prophets were birthed unto this world…

Can we as  World Citizens let our differences flow down the river to be cleansed, purified and awakened to the profound state of grace, where we see each other as Family, all citizens of our Beloved Earth; our Mother?

We most certainly can! We are the Creator and the Created; We are of the Father…

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