Week 19 Sustained calm


Asheville Trip6

After almost 5 months in this MKMMA program, I am finally starting to experience a sustained inner peace and calmness of mind.  I am now being able to witness myself, my old patterns and blueprint as they arise less and less frequently, but occasionally just the same, without judgement or ridicule instead excepting them as input on where I can continue to grow and expand my perspective.  And I have been seeing what those old habits, beliefs, and thinking yield me in my daily life.  The presence I feel has been shaky this whole process, coming and going like ocean tides, however, now it is gaining strength and consistency in a way that is most pleasing to me, more like a river now. (the river of my dreams)

I can see a time in the very near future where I will only be looking back at this old way of…

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