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By Shinichi Yamamoto 2016

Buckle Up! Your business in the headlines….Live Life, Have Freedom, Enjoy Being You! If you’re striving for true health, or recognition for creative expression, personal growth and the incredible stuff you do, there are some really simple things you can do to get started. Hudson County resident, Roz Harris, a wellness expert, has helped thousands of people to get new skills and grow their business. She is passionate about living an authentic, positive life and loves to share valuable information worldwide to give people the keys to unlock true wellness,  and  has a profound clarity on how to bring into powerful action desired results including gaining added energy, vigor, mental elasticity, and discernment that’s becoming self evident and worthwhile. All possession is the result of the accumulative attitude of mind, or the money consciousness…

I’ve admired for some time how for the way she positions herself to enable life changing transformations for so many to go from living a life of desperation to living a life of prosperity with a course called Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) and how this program gave her the tools and support to do just that. Then I met her at an event and discovered a more health conscious side of her new reality of impacting lives by developing a culture of wellness, and a healthier ecosystem free from GMO’s clearing the way to educate others towards healthier choices and a financially free existence.

There is so much more to this lady that will have to wait until when I start my podcast because I know I want to feature Roz Harris early-on to observe how she commences her lifetime journey of self discovery…. unencumbered with either the weight of unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience… based on scientific truths and gaining understanding of mental laws that increase a person’s effective capacity to fully integrate states of physical, mental and spiritual well being that can only be found in the world within. She is so grateful everyday for all that she has and being of service to the those she encounters and meets!

It was not easy keeping up with Roz! This gal has energy to spare essentially providing a national base for small business projects with tailored training and in-depth research online workshops to turn their good ideas into great business, and is part of a bid to transform the small business landscape while driving forward a worldwide entrepreneurial economy.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for #MKMMA and the priceless online events that are fun, friendly and welcoming! You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions, meet your classmates and share your experiences, on the day of and on the website afterwards. #GiveMore #GetMore #MasterKeyExperience #NothingElseLikeIt #PIF

We’ll be sure to set up another interview with Roz Harris sharing the Master Key Experience sometime in the very near future so you don’t miss the Festival for Female Entrepreneurs….

Let’s Shine☀️Comrades☀️….Mahalo sharing the Master Key Experience!

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” – #WellSaid Joyce Meyer #eHEalth

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